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As a business operating in the modern world, to not have a website for your company is almost unheard-of. Almost everyone has access to the internet, and most of his/her time is spent browsing through what interests them next.

To reach and entice your target market, you’ll have to appeal to their curiosity through online channels. Being found, however, is another hurdle. It would be foolish to think that you’re the only company that offers specific products or services. You’ve got a lot of competition to get through, and it takes a lot of work to get to Google’s first page.

How to Please Google

As the internet continuously expands, Google has become stricter over time on the content they feature. They developed an intricate algorithm that would rank different websites on a number of factors such as SEO and authority profile.

Google needs to trust your website for you to climb your way up their pages. Since it is their reputation on the line as well, their algorithm makes it so that only trustworthy websites end up on the first few pages. Others factors Google considers are:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization isn’t a new concept, but it is still an incredibly relevant one. When your website has high SEO, users can search you easily. Google would consider you trustworthy and recommend you via search results to online users.
  • Content – When it comes to digital marketing, content is forever king. Aggressive advertisement and promotions aren’t as successful as they once were. Using content on different sites that will link back to your website can help your business, and if Google finds you trustworthy enough, then your ranking goes up as well.
  • Website speed – A well-maintained and working website will rank high in Google’s algorithm as well. Sales go down every 3 seconds a website delays in loading, which in turn brings your Google ratings down.
  • Links – As Google prefers to recommend only reliable websites, your authority links have to be trustworthy sources as well. Backlinks are relevant to Google, and your site is more likely to make it to the first page if reliable sources back your contents.
  • Mobile accessibility – More and more people are using their mobile devices to search businesses that offer the services or products that they are looking for. Google is more likely to pay attention to your website the more mobile friendly it is.

If you have taken all of these into account, then you are most likely within the first few pages of a Google search, if not the first.

Get Help for Your Website

You are free to create a website for your company on your own. It’s not that difficult with all the available sources on the internet. However, there are still things that require a professional’s hand. If you are based in the area, you can quickly hire experts in web design in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Our web design experts at EVM Digital are familiar with what makes Google tick. Their knowledge of Google’s rules when it comes to a website is a significant advantage when creating your page. We have experts who can create web pages that draw in more traffic and turn that into sales for your business.

Contact us by filling out our form and let us help you create a website fit for your business.

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