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With approximately 644 million active websites worldwide, you would think that it is next to impossible to stand out especially if your company’s website is still new. However, rising out from the crowd and taking the top spot in search engine results is entirely possible if you know how to apply several digital marketing tools effectively.

Though there’s no question that strong content marketing can drive your campaign to the top, you would need to entice your target market visually first. After all, no shopper would want to browse through an amateur-looking website even if its content is downright awesome. Here are three trends you should apply this year:

Digital Enhancements

Due to the continuous advancements in digital technology, it is quite hard to keep up and know which of these you can incorporate into your website design. However, marketing experts all agree that an interactive website helps attract customers and make them stay. From making your website ecommerce-ready to a user-friendly shopping cart system, shoppers can have unfailingly high expectations on what they perceive as modern and cool website design.

Hence, it would be to your advantage to always keep up with the latest innovation in digital technology. Either that or you hire a professional website design expert who always updates your company website and keeps it from looking old and stale.

Vivid Colors and Simple Layouts

Just like when you were a kid: the more vivid the color of a toy is, the more likely you’ll pick it up and ask your parents to buy it for you. The same concept goes with website design. Vivid colors and the intelligent use of color gradients will help catch the eye of your intended audience.

However, the attention-catching powers of vivid colors are too short. If your layout is too complex or too tedious for your intended customer, then it won’t take more than five seconds for them to hit either the ‘back’ or ‘exit’ button. When it comes to website page layout, simple is still the best. The same goes for your font. You might choose bolder, larger, and fancier fonts as headings but your content must be written in simple fonts to help highlight your rich content.

Make It Mobile Friendly

According to statistics, Americans are one of the biggest users of mobile-friendly websites as they spend an average of 87 hours per month just browsing the web through their smartphones. If this is the case, it would be extremely wise if you can set up your web design so that it would look good and still user-friendly to anyone who browses through it.

Making your website design mobile-friendly is also important if you want to place high on search engine ranking results. Tech giants such as Google place a premium on mobile-friendly websites and assign them an AMP (accelerated mobile page) status, making it a priority in every mobile search.

Keeping up with the latest website design trends is never easy. You have to be on the constant lookout for new things that you can incorporate into the website to make it more eye-catching without compromising on its user-friendliness. Remember, a professional-looking website makes any user trust whatever product or service that website offers.


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