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As a business owner who wants to market your business effectively on the internet, tracking digital marketing trends enables you to understand what your customers are wanting. And with the industry evolving and changing quickly, knowing what’s coming around the corner can help you stay on top of the competition. The best Minneapolis brand marketing firms share five key trends to keep a close eye on this 2017.


Momentum is quickly going for GPS or location-based navigation in the marketing industry. Search engines like Google are looking to power, mobile searches that benefit locally targeted results. Also, mobile devices are getting more and more equipped with GPS technology to track the user’s physical location.

Cognitive Insights

Whereas marketers use software to assist in the process and thought, soon it will be the software that will do much of the process and thinking. Dubbed as cognitive marketing, industry experts expect that by 2020, more or less, than 50 percent of businesses will be employing this emerging technology for their marketing and sales campaigns.

Conversion metrics

About content marketing, it can be easy to get hung up on downloads, engagements, and impressions, but it’s important to remember that content quality and effectiveness should measure across the buying process. Thus, marketers will soon demand hard conversion metrics for content to accurately assess the efficiency of a content marketing campaign.


As the world becomes increasingly mobile, interest in desktops will continue to wane. Thus, you’ll need to focus your marketing more on mobile ads. If you still rely heavily on desktop marketing, it’s time to make a drastic shift this year.

Social media intelligence

Brands big and small use social media to attract and engage customers. If you don’t start using social media information to decipher customer interactions, you won’t reap the benefits of having a social media page.

Brand marketing for Minnesota and Minneapolis companies

Minnesota and Minneapolis companies of any size rely on brand development firms like EVM Digital if they want to build their brand. Partner with these agencies to stay on top of digital marketing trends and receive the professional services you need to stand out in the market.


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