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These days, it seems ever more like the future is becoming the now when it comes to technology. Every sci-fi movie from only a couple of decades ago seems to have presaged the innovations in technology today.

As technology grows and evolves, so do digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing for your Minnesota company means staying on top of today’s trends in this digital age. So what are the trends to invest in this year?

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a captivating way to connect with your consumers. It creates a relationship between consumer and marketer that was not tangible in the recent past and is becoming increasingly important.

Live streaming sends a message to consumers that you want to take the time to be involved in their lives, rather than just shoving a product in their face. It makes you more of a human-invested business rather than money invested business, which builds your credibility in the eyes of the consumers.

Utilize live streams to establish, maintain and grow your credibility. Forbes gives several suggestions to accomplish such, from behind the scenes, to question and answer segments, to even simply showing how a product can work in your consumer’s everyday life. There are several outlets to choose from when it comes to live streaming, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (outlets in which your consumers are already members).


Try using chatbots (chat robots) to engage users on your website. According to Entrepreneur, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a big deal in the world of digital marketing. A great way to utilize AI is through chatbots that assist customers with queries on your website. It’s like staffing a 24/7 customer service and sales team. These chatbots are programmed to understand how the human brain works and what humans need help with when it comes to specific products or services.

Ephemeral Content

Consider how ephemeral content can play into your digital marketing strategy. Ephemeral content is that which disappears within a certain amount of time, like Snapchat or Instagram stories. It’s a casual, almost conversational way to connect with your users, like live streaming, but it’s even less formal, making your company more collegial to its audience.

Digital marketing is all about understanding how to connect with your target audience. If you’re looking to give your digital marketing strategy an edge with live streaming, use of AI and ephemeral content look no further than Minnesota’s own EVM Digital.


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