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The design of your website is the first thing a prospective customer will take notice of when arriving at your corner of the internet. Do you want to give off a good impression, or do you want to leave a poor taste in their mouth?

The truth is, not just anyone can design a website so that it speaks to your target audience. Website design in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and around the world, takes a certain level of skill, knowledge of SEO, and an eye for how an individual’s business wants to represent itself.

Below are two important factors to consider when designing a website.

User Experience

Search engines now hold user experience as a major factor in determining your ranking. If people come to your site and can’t figure out where to find what they’re looking for, easily, this sends signals to the search engines that your website shouldn’t be on top of the listings.

Here are a few ways that professional website designers make your visitors feel at home. For starters, they make it easy to get around: A good rule of thumb to follow is that any visitor can find any page on your site within three clicks.

Second, they make sure your visitor doesn’t feel confused: Some websites are so noisy that a visitor will simply back out after being there for only seconds. Professionals know how to help your customers or potential customers get oriented by using intuitive design and an easy navigation system.

Lastly, they understand content hierarchy: a well-planned website places content into categories and subcategories and follows a structure where specific types of content associated with other types of closely related content.


The design elements on your website influence how much your visitors trust you. In fact, visual elements affect people’s trust of you much more than any other particular kind of content found there. Annoying web design, small print that’s difficult to read, too many pop-up advertisements, and a busy or complex layout have all been singled out as factors that lead to mistrust.

Wrap Up

Website design has never been as critical to the success of your business as it is now. It would be unwise throw away all of your hard work by employing poor website design. The trust factor of your site and its capacity to keep your visitors interested in what you have to offer is what’s at stake.


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