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There’s no denying that in this digital age, technology seems to embed itself more and more into our everyday lives. As a business owner, you need to embrace technology to help consumers realize you have the products and services that they need. It all starts with your website design. So, what can you do to make sure your website make consumers want to stick around?

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

A responsive website design allows your business to keep in step with the fast paced lifestyles of today’s consumers, most of whom carry smart phones and devices. It means having a design that gets the screen to automatically adjust for both desktop/laptop screens and mobile screens. These days, people rely on their phones for everything from games to social media to finding the best restaurants in town. If they found your website in a Google search and brought to a web page that doesn’t adapt to their phone, they will be looking elsewhere for what they need. Make sure your website is capable of adapting to those smaller screens to establish your professional credibility and keep consumers invested in your business.

Grid and Square Layouts

One trend that Forbes predicts will be popular this year is the grid or square design. If you’ve ever used Pinterest, you’re familiar with this type of layout. It presents a lot of information in a bite-sized format. It is akin to having subheadings to get your readers to what they’re looking for faster, but in a sleeker, more sophisticated way. Consider playing around with this design concept and how it can work best for your business’ specific brand.

Consider Real Photography

While stock images are incredibly useful in theory, they almost instantly take away from your professional credibility. If your website is one to use photos, make sure they’re unique ones. It creates an authentic feel and credibility for your business, but it also shows that you care personally about your consumer’s experience on your site. Though it’s a subtle message, taking the time to take and create these images shows your consumers that you cared enough about their experience on your website to go out and take these photos yourself for them to enjoy. It’s a simple way to connect with them that goes a long way towards promoting brand loyalty. Also, consider using images of people rather than just objects. Studies have indicated that doing so converts users a lot more. It establishes a human connection that otherwise might not be there.

As you’re creating your website’s design, make sure you’re creating a responsive site, consider using a grid layout, and choose to incorporate real photography instead of stock photos.


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