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Your business may already have a website, but is it delivering the level of value that it should? If your website is not increasing visibility and revenue for your business, then you’re not getting your money’s worth. EVM Digital can help you harness the full potential of your ranking your website through effective Search Engine Optimization — SEO services.

SEO has become a popular buzzword that’s been pushed to the status of background noise. To appreciate its massive potential, let us look at the numbers. Eight in 10 customers shop online, and 15% of them do so every week. With our SEO and other digital marketing services, we will help you tap that wide market of buyers online. Let’s discuss how our SEO services can help new customers find you.

SEO Services for Local Businesses.
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We’ve been doing SEO for over 15 years, and we’re experts at helping local businesses get their websites ranked high in search engines. Our services include everything from keyword research to link acquisition to content creation.

We’ll optimize your websites so that we can provide you with an optimal online presence now and into the future. We utilize AI to quickly adjust your strategy when necessary on search algorithm changes

We use our business portal to display detailed reports and dashboards for our clients.

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What makes Our SEO a Full-service SEO?

We offer an SEO program that is designed specifically for small and medium sized companies that need help ranking better on Google and Bing.

We provide both onsite edits and off site links, content writing, website submission, and we provide full reporting, an easy to use Business Portal / dashboard to see the details transparently, and customer service.

Get a custom quote or do a bigger program

Our company offers customized SEO solutions based on our clients’ needs. We utilize various tools and techniques to determine what kind of optimization strategies work best for each unique website. In addition, we also make suggestions regarding how to improve the quality of the content on the site so that it can better compete against others in its field.

We provide additional features for our programs through add-ons. You may choose to purchase these add-ons when ordering, or anytime after.

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are simply a way of building SEO campaign so it covers what the customer requires. This could be an extra geography, and keywords, and more strength when utilizing boosting services.

What do I get for each Ad-on?

Essentially, each Add-on doubles the work we do to help Local Businesses achieve success and cover the expanded program. Think…more on-page work, more content, more link building.

Extra GEO

The Extra GEO Add On is recommended for adding another location or “GEO” to be focused on. The location will have to be adjacent to the physical location to expand their local presence. We will work on targeting the same set of keywords on the additional GEO/location and double the work of the deliverables!

Extra Topic

The Extra Topic Add On is recommended for adding another topic to be focused on. Includes additional keywords and doubles the work of the base package deliverables.

Power Boost

The Power boost Add-on doubles the work of the Base Package to boost rank faster. It is required for large metropolitan areas due to or areas with high competition.

Power Boost Enterprise

The Enterprise Power Boost is a great addition to any SEO program and is specifically designed for higher spend and more demanding campaigns. The deliverables are done with enhanced SEO programming and are interconnected with our proprietary methodology that adjusts when algorithms change. It is not meant to replace existing, client-facing, company marketing efforts. It is tailored for Search Engine Optimization.

Although the techniques for boosting traffic have changed a lot over time, we’ve consistently managed to bring our customers excellent results no matter what the season or level of competition.

While there are many aspects of your total digital marketing solution, search engine optimization (SEO) is truly the cornerstone of your entire campaign. By targeting your market and audience in the right way at the right time, you vastly increase the chances of converting your users into repeat customers.

Real Time Reports & Monitoring Tools

EVM Digital offers a versatile suite of tools designed to allow you complete access to every aspect of your campaign. Our Business App portal service is available to all of our customers that brings together the most relevant, informative statistics about the performance of your digital marketing strategy in real-time. Discover how your users are finding you as it happens, so that you can tweak your campaign to leverage the current trends within your niche for a more lasting and quantifiable outcome. Visit our Business App and create an account for free.

Report SEO

Get Started With Your SEO Campaign Today

Do you want to get more out of your digital marketing strategy? Get your users clicking with a creative SEO campaign combined with the right tools to create ongoing success. To get a project started, get in touch with our team at sales@evmdigital.com or (320) 421-9133 or (844) 421-9133.

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