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Small business owners are often lax with website security because they feel their assets aren’t large enough for hackers to bother. However, you need to remember that your business is not just about you—your customers are an integral part of the equation as well.

To protect your customers and maintain their trust, you need to ensure your website is well-protected from online attacks. Any personal or sensitive information can be used to scam your customers. With that in mind, your Minnesota website design professionals share four important tips with you on how to keep your website secure from hackers.

Keep software up-to-date

You need to keep your systems abreast with hacking threats. If your website’s software is outdated, hackers can exploit its security holes. Tech sites such as ‘The Hacker News’ are a good source of information on new threats. Use the information from these sites to implement precaution and protection measures.

Tighten access control

As the administrator of your website, you control what you want users to see. Use usernames and passwords that are tough to guess. Set a limited number of login attempts within a time frame. Send login details via snail mail because emails can be hacked as well. Require your customers—as well as yourself—to change passwords regularly.

Install a web application firewall

A web application firewall (WAF) serves as a line of defense for all incoming traffic. Set between your website server and the data connection, a WAF reads every bit of data that attempts to pass through, blocking all hacking tries while also filtering out unwanted access, including bots and spammers. Most modern WAFs are software and cloud-based, but there are also hardware-based versions as well.

Plan a good website design

It’s easy to let aesthetic considerations overwhelm security concerns, so you need to do your best not to let this happen. The best solution is to plan your website design while prioritizing security so you can identify the processes that can potentially introduce vulnerabilities to your system. If website design is not a forte, partner with a good web design firm.

Minnesota website design

For all these website concerns and more, the help of a Minnesota website design expert will prove invaluable. Established online marketing companies such as EVM Digital can help you balance aesthetics and security considerations and keep each aspect at an optimal level.

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