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Branding helps a business establish itself in the marketplace. As a marketing concept, branding helps a company create an instantly recognizable image that increases the value not only of its products and services but of the business itself. If you are tasked with improving your company’s image, knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. Minneapolis branding agencies share five branding pitfalls to avoid like the plague.

Lack of voice

Your brand’s voice is your message, and it is the essence of your business. Too many companies fail to see the value of having a voice and thus fail to stand out from the competition. A consistent voice convinces customers that the quality is constant and it can be enough to make them loyal followers of your brand. You must match your consistent voice with compatible products to project your image well.

Lack of human element

Nowadays, personalization is the name of the game. You need to customize your marketing strategies to suit the specific requirements and preferences of your customers and give them the personal touch. Brands that focus on themselves more than their clients tend to suffer in the long term. Make it a point to engage your customers in learning more about them.

Hard selling

Customers tend to react with hostility when you hard sell. Don’t be hasty about promoting your brand—you must prioritize creating a community of loyal brand followers over blatantly promoting your offerings. You’ll only tarnish your brand’s appeal if you focus on the latter.

Being fickle

A brand needs to focus on substance over style. If you are too swift to jump on any new bandwagon that comes along, you’ll end up straining your brand. With so many channels to cover, you might end up diluting customer’s interest and adherence. It should always be quality over quantity. Ensure that what you do is great and not just good. Strengthen customer loyalty and advocacy by creating your way instead of latching onto every fad.

Handling branding on your own

Unless you’re a brand marketer yourself, it’s likely that you’re not going to know how to handle it. Just like you wouldn’t build your house if you aren’t a builder, then you should hire professionals to brand for your business. A trusted Minneapolis branding agency like EVM Digital can help you navigate the branding process and establish your brand.


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