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These days, it seems like there are new websites and apps popping up every second. Thus, making your web stand out can be intimidating. Whether you’re a small business in Minnesota or a worldwide franchise, website design is vital to the success of your business in this tech age. So what can you do to make sure yours succeed?

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has become close to mandatory these days. Walk into any public venue, and you’ll probably see most people staring at their phones. In fact, people spend an average of 23 days a year looking at their phones. Part of that time could be spent engaging in your website.

To make engagement more likely, it’s important to make it easy by having a website design capable of adapting to a mobile screen. Lack of a mobile responsive website frustrates users and will cause them to look elsewhere for the product or service you could have provided.

Simple Design Scheme

Less is better when it comes to a website’s design. Your website should be easy to navigate without the clutter of several chunks of paragraphs with headings or flashy fonts that distract the consumer from your product.

Simplicity allows your product to speak for itself. This lends your company credibility by showing rather than telling people your products are top-notch. If you’re confident enough to let it speak for itself, that speaks volumes.

Simple website design is also great when it comes to being mobile responsive. Less clutter on the big screen translates to ease of navigation in the small screen.

Stick to Neutrals

When it comes to actual color scheme, Designmodo, an online resource of informative material for designers and web developers, suggests sticking to more neutral hues in your website design. This harkens back to the idea of letting the product speak for itself—the less distracting your design is, the more your product stands out.

Make it Tactile

Designmodo also suggests making your website more tactile. By using actual images rather than illustrations, the consumer is brought into the real world and can see how your product fits into it. It makes your product real to them.

Bear in mind that images should be used mindfully of the tone of simplicity. Do not crowd your website with unnecessary sets of distracting pictures – each image should always have a purpose.

Building a website can be a scary thing with so many advancements in technology these days. Make sure yours stays on top of the game by having mobile responsiveness and a simple design scheme marked by neutrals and tactility.


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