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Some of the 2015 World’s Most Valuable Brands are in Minnesota. For companies, like Target or 3M, their brand’s value in the multi-billion dollar range. That value doesn’t just happen. Rather, it is the result of well thought out Minneapolis branding strategies and focused efforts to build a positive brand experience at every customer touch point. While this may sound like a bunch of corporate lingoes, branding is essential to the success of all types of businesses, big and small.

What is a brand?

A brand is much more than or logo. It is a culmination of all of the experiences a customer has with your business as well as how he or she feels about those experiences and your company. It is the experience with your products or services. It is how easily purchases are made. It is the service the customer receives when issues arise. It is your advertising (including your logo). It is the reviews other customers leave about your company. It is every time a customer interacts with your business in any way.

Therefore, think of your company’s brand more like an image. It should convey a message about who your business is and why you are in business. Essentially, a company’s brand helps current and potential customers better understand what to expect from your business.

Beginning to Build a Brand

Whether you are competing with multi-billion dollar brands on a global level or the local shop around the corner, there are numerous resources to assist with building strategies for branding Minneapolis-based businesses. Understanding where to begin can be one of the biggest challenges. Working with an experienced branding agency can help to develop the appropriate next steps and put a successful strategy in place.

If you are a large business, consider working with an agency who can provide an honest voice and help to coordinate different areas of the company to build a unified brand strategy.

If you are a small business, consider working with an agency who is not only able to develop a brand strategy but is also able to help build marketing materials and monitor your online presence. Working with a Minneapolis branding agency should allow Minnesota, small business owners to do what they do best – run their business.


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