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The meteoric rise of Snapchat proves that short-lived content hooks the audience just as much as permanent posts. Since the app introduced ephemeral content, or posts that are available for a certain period only, social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have followed suit. To date, it is one of the most used features on the Internet.

Ephemeral content is widely popular among Millennials and Gen Z-ers. With Millennials possessing a $200 billion purchasing power and Gen Z projected to have $143 billion by 2020, marketers can no longer afford to ignore this tool.

As one of the foremost providers of social media marketing services in Minnesota, EVM Digital helps businesses get the most out of ephemeral content on social media. Before we explore how to take advantage of it, though, we’ll discuss what makes it so popular among social media users.


The FOMO Effect

The popularity of ephemeral content relies heavily on users’ fear of missing out (FOMO). Since the content is only up for a limited time, there’s a certain exclusivity in viewing it.

No one wants to be left out of the latest trends, so users are keener to tune in on a regular basis to accounts that they follow. Checking stories has become a routine. In fact, people use Snapchat and Instagram up to 30 and 32 minutes a day, respectively.


Ephemeral content offers novelty, a valuable feature for young users. Once a post disappears, something new replaces it, and this attracts people to view stories constantly.

Users, however, don’t just stop at viewing ephemeral content; they also engage with it (for instance, they might visit the webpage that the story features), sometimes even more so than with regular content. This is because its impermanence compels them to act before it’s all gone.


Ephemeral content is also popular because there’s no pressure associated with posting it. Companies, for instance, put a lot of thought into their Facebook and Instagram posts as they are permanent.  Heavily polished and curated content, however, might not have the authenticity that users are looking for these days.

In contrast, ephemeral content disappears after a few hours, so companies give off an authentic vibe to their posts. Brands, for example, post candid images and behind-the-scenes videos. This authenticity makes the brand attractive to users and fosters trust in the brand.

Publishing Compelling Ephemeral Content

Although ephemeral content has several advantages, it presents a special challenge: how do you hook audiences effectively with something that disappears quickly? We listed a few things that could help you out.

  • Don’t recycle content. As mentioned earlier, users value novelty, so fresh and interesting content is always the way to go. You could explore Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes footage, and how-to videos in your ephemeral content strategies.
  • Post in the appropriate format for what you’re featuring. For instance, pictures are great for products, while videos work best with services.
  • Offer exclusive perks like discounts and promo codes as these compel people to tune in and help you build a loyal following.
  • Make sure that the stories are cohesive. Most followers view stories all at once, so the posts should be connected and have a smooth flow.
  • Post content regularly, as users lose touch with a brand that doesn’t provide good content often.

Effective Ephemeral Content Marketing

There are many other considerations when developing ephemeral content for your social media marketing. After all, a social media strategy is no small feat — it takes considerable effort and planning to make it succeed.

Allow EVM Digital to help you in this endeavor. We’ll help you use ephemeral content that’s consistent with your brand identity and fits seamlessly into a well-thought-out social media strategy.

Let’s make the most of ephemeral content in social media marketing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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