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It seems like these days it’s getting more difficult to come up with fresh new ideas to stay on top of the relationship between marketing and technology. The truth is, your brand marketing should always be focused on your target audience.

While it seems like a great idea to target as many people as possible to reach a wider audience, that’s just not realistic or efficient. The time and money you invest are better spent when you know who to spend it on and how. So, how do you figure out how to reach your target audience?

Create Your Customer

The first step to finding out how to reach your target audience is determining who they are. Step back and try to understand what sort of lifestyle your product realistically fits into. Then, figure out what customers live that lifestyle. How old are they? Where do they work? What are their hobbies?

Quicksprout, an online marketing resource even goes so far as to suggest digging into the minute details of their lives like what they do at work and what they do on the weekends with their family. Even finding or creating an actual picture of this person is helpful to creating a marketing strategy that shows how your brand can fit into their lives.

Get to Know Your Audience

After forming a picture of who your target audience is, start doing a little research on them. Find out what brands and people your target audience is following on social media to understand what sort of marketing appeals to them.

Try to figure out how your company can mimic those brands in a way that accentuates what makes your product unique. You want to appeal to what your audience likes, but you also want to stick out from the crowd. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re just another brand trying to copy one that they already enjoy.

Execute Your Research

Now that you’ve identified your target audience and know what they like, it’s time to implement strategies that your research will be effective. Think of brand marketing as a way to connect with your audience rather than a way to get them to invest in your product.

Create content that makes your product memorable to your target audience. Sponsor contests, create videos and have fun with your marketing. People are more likely to invest in a product that presents itself in a friendly rather than a sales-pitch kind of way.

In a city like Minneapolis, it may seem easy to get lost in the pool of brands. An experienced digital marketing company can help you by evaluating who your target is (or should be), what they like about a product, and how to reach out to them in an enticing way.


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