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It is such a shame that today’s society is mostly embroiled in an ‘us vs. them’ mentality when, in real life, making use of seemingly two opposite views can yield a so much better result in so many cases. Take traditional and digital marketing strategies, for example. Despite the fact that these two have often been pitted against each other, their combined strengths can potentially put your brand at the top of its game.

Combined Marketing Forces: TV Ads + Print + Digital Marketing = Improved ROI

The general rule in marketing is to combine all the working strategies to come up with a stronger brand. While there remains some merit in conducting traditional advertising strategies like TV ads, radio commercials, and display or print ads, studies show that an average American spends more time browsing online than using any other type of media.

Even when there are studies that show TV ads remaining as the most effective way to promote a brand, several advertising experts in the U.S. concur that online video ads are slowly gaining traction in the marketing industry. Despite the raging argument of which side is better, there’s no denying that the best marketing strategy to build your budding brand is to combine the modern with traditional advertising to reach a wider range of audiences.

While TV ads capture the younger demographic and newspaper ads have locked the market on the older generation, the majority of teenagers and working American adults spend at least 40 minutes per day browsing the internet. By combining these three giant marketing forces, you can increase the chances of making your brand more popular across people of all ages.

Also, people who view your brand either on TV or in a display ad tend to conduct an online search to research your brand further. This theory stands the test of several marketing surveys, wherein most people are prone to trust brands that operate their company website.

Modern consumers feel a lot better when they can conduct online research about the product they are about to purchase, rather than going straight to a brick-and-mortar store. Moreover, a business receiving good online customer feedback and reviews enjoys a better ROI compared to just depending on traditional marketing tools alone.

Lastly, digital marketing is a lot more cost-effective than traditional marketing, since you don’t need to pay for ad space, time, or actors just to get your message across. With target-specific and relevant content, you’ll be able to captivate shoppers with little effort.

As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” The same is true with advertising. You must make use of every available resource to receive a better return on investment. Consult with a digital marketing company to find out how you can bolster your traditional advertising methods using online marketing techniques.


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