Introducing the EVM Digital Dashboard Service

While some digital marketing companies want to take full control of your campaigns without providing you with the details, being able to monitor and track your performance for yourself is one of the key Components of success. At EVM Digital, we provide all of our customers with a dashboard service that Brings together all the aspects of your digital marketing campaign in one place. Forget sifting through pages and pages of difficult to interpret data and make your life easier with our easy-to-use dashboard and Reporting suite.

We Put the Control Back Into Your Hands

If you cannot understand your digital marketing campaigns or the variables that go into them, then how can you be sure that your marketing agency is working in your interests? At EVM Digital, we put the control back into your hands with our agency dashboard service. We are your partners in your marketing journey, and provide you with all of the tools you need to stay up to date with the way your campaigns are working for you. We pride ourselves on our transparency to generate success in all of the right ways, offering continued communication at every step of your journey.


Get Feedback on Your Campaigns in Real Time

Digital marketing campaigns are an ever evolving process, requiring consistent optimization along the way to ensure continued success. With our dashboard service, you can stay up to date on everything that is happening with your campaign, from the way your ads are performing to your movement within search engine rankings. EVM Digital has brought together the most useful tools that allow you to monitor your campaign in real time, with easy to interpret metrics that offer you peace of mind that your strategy is working for you.

Know How Your Customers are Finding You

Being able to understand how your existing customers are finding you is one of the key ways in bringing new customers to your brand. Our dashboard service offers comprehensive reporting of the keywords that customers are using to find your products or services, as well as the demographics, locations and other search habits of your users. By providing analytics of all of these details, EVM Digital offers the most robust way to ensure lasting connections with your market for consistent growth no matter what industry you work within.

Sign Up Today for Access to Our Dashboard Service

If you want a more intuitive way to monitor your digital marketing strategies, then EVM Digital offers a Comprehensive dashboard service that provides real time metrics for the performance of your campaign. Get started today and create an account. 

Note:  3 month Free use for non-service clients.