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Digital marketing in Minneapolis and beyond is in full swing, and things are becoming interesting for SEO. For a very long time, SEO simply meant getting a high ranking in search engine results, but the rules of the SEO game are changing dramatically. As search engines evolve, reaching the top ranking in search engine results is not the only goal anymore— SEO is rich with new opportunities for increasing traffic, and one major trend is video content.

Why You Should Watch Out for Video

An effective SEO strategy is inextricably linked with churning out new, relevant, and engaging content consistently. While written content is still essential, not everyone has the time or the interest to read online. More and more brands, however, are seeing success with creating and posting bite-sized videos on their platform.

Google still holds the number one spot when it comes to search engines, but what holds second place? It’s YouTube. It boasts more than 1 billion unique visits monthly, and with more than 6 billion hours of video watched per month. YouTube has millions of subscriptions, and more are added each day. Better yet, Google owns YouTube, which naturally makes YouTube videos a powerful tool for your digital marketing efforts.

Not only that, but other visual platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine have become ultra-popular among diverse audiences. Clearly, video content is now a significant part of SEO. But what does this mean for businesses in real life?

Video Content and Your Target Audience

The truth is that not everyone is up for a good read. Online users are notorious for having short attention spans. But for your SEO strategy to be even more successful, you want them to stay as long as possible. Changing up your content with short video clips is a great way to achieve this. In addition:

  • Short video clips are perfect for today’s mobile society. Videos can be watched and played on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other platforms.
  • Videos can humanize your brand, and show that there are real people behind your company and products. Depending on the content of the video, it can also enhance brand loyalty and identity.
  • Videos are incredibly easy to share across social media platforms.

Big brands have started to capitalize on video content to engage audiences. Nevertheless, there’s no reason small- to medium-sized companies can’t benefit from this trend. In fact, the right Minneapolis SEO company can help you develop an effective SEO strategy that incorporates compelling video content to help increase traffic, generate leads, and enhance conversions.

Take Your Digital Marketing Efforts to Greater Heights!

Google’s ability to separate good content from bad is now more sophisticated than ever. User experience is now a huge factor, and at the forefront of this revolution are trends like video content.

EVM Digital is a Minneapolis SEO company capable of combining established and growing SEO trends like video to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. What’s your company’s status online? Contact us today, and let’s talk about taking your brand’s online presence to the next level!

As technology continues to push the boundaries of society, the landscape of the digital world is becoming more and more complex. In the past couple of years alone, we’ve seen mobile devices dethrone desktop computers as the preferred gadget of users. We’ve also witnessed the birth of more complicated algorithms that govern the way we search and find what we want and need on the internet.

One of the things disrupting the way we conduct business online is voice search. A seemingly insignificant feature introduced early in the decade, voice search is now becoming the most important way to access products and services online. In Minnesota, SEO service providers are quickly shaking up the way they conduct business, in order to give their clients SEO that is relevant in a voice-search dominated internet setting.

Companies must adapt to and adopt these changes in order to survive the constantly evolving digital landscape. Here are some effects of the voice search trend on SEO.

Pushing for Mobile-friendliness

Voice search is a primary feature on most mobile devices, which is one of the reasons its use has been rapidly on the rise. With over half of internet queries originating from mobile devices, it’s imperative for companies to optimize their digital marketing platforms – websites, blogs, social media etc. for mobile screens.

For companies pushing their digital media to be more mobile friendly, Google’s Website Auditor service gives people a basic overview of just how mobile-friendly a website is. Professional SEO companies, however, can give more comprehensive reports on a website’s mobile-friendliness. These companies analyze such factors as usability, load times, and crawlability.


Because voice search now allows users to inquire about products and services more easily, it’s given birth to a different approach to addressing these concerns. Google calls these “micro-moments”. Micro-moments are marketing touch points by which potential customers rely on devices, and ultimately, on brands, to provide them with the answers they need.

Voice search allows for instantaneous micro-moments, creating an opportunity for websites to meet a buyer’s need for information and influence. Optimizing your website with voice-searchable content requires ditching the old exact-match keywords with more natural sounding, conversational content. This makes it easier for Google’s spiders to find your website through their proprietary algorithms.

A New Way to Market

With voice search becoming more and more ubiquitous in people’s everyday lives – think Siri, Okay Google, Alexa, etc. –  companies need to rethink the way they leverage digital media.

One of the first ways to rethink the way we approach digital marketing in a voice-search and mobile-friendly world is to create content that is founded on natural speech patterns. Not only does this play into the trend of long-form keywords, it also gives Google’s latent semantic indexing, or LSI, to accurately find and rank your website.

Navigating the future of SEO can be difficult, which is why you need a digital marketing firm that is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to the growth of its client’s websites. At EVM Digital, we pride ourselves on having an in-house team of talented professionals, and a comprehensive methodology that accurately assesses your company’s digital marketing needs. Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with an extensive consultation session for free.

If you think your company needs to improve how it presents itself to its target market, or if you’re a startup unsure how to approach them in the first place, you could probably use the help of professional digital marketing agencies.


It is such a shame that today’s society is mostly embroiled in an ‘us vs. them’ mentality when, in real life, making use of seemingly two opposite views can yield a so much better result in so many cases. Take traditional and digital marketing strategies, for example. Despite the fact that these two have often been pitted against each other, their combined strengths can potentially put your brand at the top of its game.


With the ever-growing use of the Internet for advertising, digital marketing has become a key factor in the success of many new companies and brands today. Understanding the advantages of digital marketing for Minnesota businesses is a way for you to outshine competitors while establishing a positive name and reputation for yourself and the products or services you are offering. (more…)

Most entrepreneurs nowadays already know the relevance of digital marketing to their business. There’s no question about it; this is something that they must invest in. The problem, though, is how are they going to go about it?


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