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In a metropolis like Minneapolis, it can be difficult to get noticed by your target audience. One method to getting noticed that is vital to the success of any business is branding. Branding helps you stick out from the crowd as you play on your company’s unique strengths and values. But what are the specifics of branding that you should know to grow your business?

Break Things Down

The first step to creating a brand for yourself is breaking down your product. Every product has some connotation. Find the common thread amongst your products and play on that in your branding. Maybe you own a bakery and can play on the connotation of sweetness, or maybe your business focuses on repairing broken electronics, and you can play on the idea of gears working together. There’s always something about your business that makes it unique, and that starts with your product.

Stay Consistent

Once you’ve found the common thread of your products, brainstorm how you can market that throughout your various marketing outlets. Sticking with our “sweetness” for our bakery business, use derivatives of “sweetness” in your email newsletters, your social media campaigns, and of course on your website are good ideas. It could be as simple as just using your logo that already has a “sweet” aspect of it, but it could also be using fun related terms to talk about the going ons of your business and what you have to offer. An example would be a subheading of your newsletter that says “Some delicious events going on this week,” or something to that effect. Partner with your marketing agency to flesh out any ideas you might have. It’s important to note that you are not expected to come up with all of these ideas yourselves. Consult with a team of digital marketing professionals to not only flesh out these ideas but to create a game plan that turns them into effective strategies. They can also help to keep your marketing efforts consistent.

Employee Branding and Relatable Content

On top of branding on your business’, encourage your employees to share your business’ posts. When your employees share your brand’s message, they get 561 percent more reach than the same messages shared by your business’ social media. It is an astounding statistic that cannot be ignored. Take this into consideration as you create your brand and the strategies to reach your target audience. Make relatable content and run it by your employees to know just how relatable it is. The more relatable the content, the more likely it is to be shared by your employees and your consumers.

Branding is all about playing to your strengths, consistency, and creating relatable content. If you need more help with branding, consult digital marketing professionals.


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